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The people of a business are at the heart of its success, and the provision of private healthcare benefits is an important way in caring for them and investing in the future health of the business. At Cransford our vision is for businesses of all sizes and stages to have the most appropriate and effective healthcare cover in place to meet their specific demands and needs. The needs of your business could be best met through a combination of insurance, cash plans and private access to healthcare professionals.

We understand, that as healthcare and wellbeing become increasingly important issues, employers are looking for sound, honest advice from a local expert providing excellent customer service, which goes beyond a simple insurance policy. We work with the premier providers across the healthcare market to offer a broad range of solutions.

Existing Cover & Switch Service

When renewing your existing healthcare cover, we’ll do a thorough review of the benefits that you currently have included and whether these are appropriate for your business. We can assess the market for a lower premium for the same level of benefit or look to amend your benefits to better serve your circumstances. Where we would recommend switching to another provider, we will walk you through the process of doing this and help keep the administration on your part to a minimum.

Even if you’ve had claims and ongoing treatment Cransford can help in minimising the effect of these on your premium, ensuring that all the relevant benefits are kept in place.

Why choose us?

  • Dedicated executive to review your healthcare requirements.
  • Access to a broad range of providers to allow us to match benefits to your requirements.
  • No obligation quotes produced with minimal information
  • Healthcare plans from as little as £11.50/employee per month with no access or exclusions.
  • Cash plans from as little as £4.77/employee per month.
  • Discounts with Kingsbridge Healthcare Group to help maximise value. of defined benefit schemes.


Try us to see if we can improve on your existing arrangement.