Like all insurance policies there is a procedure to making a claim. If this is not followed you could find that part or all of your treatment costs may not be covered. Therefore, unless otherwise advised by your insurer, please follow the below process;

  1. Visit your GP
    If they refer you to a specialist you must contact your insurance company
  2. Contact your Insurance Company for Authorisation
    The contact details and policy number will be in your membership pack. The claims teams first job is to confirm that what you are claiming for is covered under your policy. If it is they will provide you with a pre-authorisation number that you must pass on to the consultant. This ensures his charges are billed directly to your insurance company.
  3. Diagnosis
    If your consultant makes a diagnosis and a recommendation of treatment you must contact your insurance company to ensure that what he/she is intending to do is covered.
  4. Having Treatment
    When your insurance company confirms your treatment is covered they will again provide you with a pre-authorisation number. This number must be passed to the medical facility where you are to receive treatment to ensure they bill your insurance company directly.
  5. Follow Up Appointments
    If you have been authorised for treatment, this will normally cover a follow up appointment within a specified time period. Your insurance company will confirm this. If, however, further treatment is required, please ensure you have sought authorisation before attending any appointments.
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