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Living abroad can cause uncertainty in adjusting to a new culture and customs. However, when dealing with health complaints you will want to be sure about accessing the best advice and treatment available.

International health insurance is designed to give you access and cover for private medical care and guidance in whatever destination you are living and working. This cover gives you the peace of mind of ensuring access and payment for medical treatment above and beyond what is covered by travel insurance in case of an emergency, it may even be required to qualify for some Visas.

If you are an expatriate or someone spending extended periods living abroad for work or pleasure, we can provide quotes and advice on several premier providers. With various levels of cover, and different modules to choose from, our providers can craft a policy which is suited to your healthcare needs and budget.


Cransford is partnering with Cigna as global healthcare provider to provide access to their global insurance products. Cigna are one of the world’s leading healthcare insurance providers with 160 million customer relationships in over 200 countries. Their products offer a broad range of modules and options to help craft a policy to suit your circumstances, including limiting cover to only your home and host countries. Click below for an immediate quote from Cigna.